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MTBM Trail Pass

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MTBM Annual Trail Passes

The Mountain Bike Minto trail network is free for everybody. Riders are encouraged to buy a trail pass as we need your help to stay incredible! Money from trail passes goes directly into the trails, and we have big plans... this helps with maintenance, development, signage, and so much more!

All purchasers of trail passes will receive a sticker/decal that can be placed on your bike. 

Local Rider (Free)

Locals ride for free! We recognize the community that we’re located in. The rich mining heritage in Minto helped shape the land that our trails sit on today.
Contact the Village of Minto to learn about free bike rentals. 

Season Membership ($40)

A single membership for you to get on your bike and ride the trails at MTBM for the 2023 season.

Family Membership ($75)

Fun for the whole Family! The Family membership includes all members of your immediate family for the 2023 season.

Passing Through / Weekend Pass ($20)

Whether you’re just passing through or joining us for a weekend this 3 day pass has you covered.

Bike and a Beer ($45)

Purchase your individual trail pass at Tiny Trails and receive a beer on us. Must 19+. 

For the love of the Ride ($50 , $100, $150)

You love the trails and want to recognize the blood sweat and tears that our volunteers have put into them. Consider adding a donation with the purchase of your trail pass.

NOTE: You can pick up your passes at Tiny Trails during Taproom hours.