Biking In Minto

Trail Systems

There are two trail systems; Northfield Trail System and New England Trail System. Both are extremely fun and make for great riding.

Click for PDF Maps:

Suggested Routes

1. COAL MINE/JONES TRAIL: 4 km, 45 minutes. The very first trails and where it all started. Fun, flow and technical, but with “easy go rounds“ so newer riders can avoid difficult features. Do Coal Mine and Jones in a counterclockwise direction.

2. NORTHFIELD LOOP: (COAL MINE/JONES TRAIL/MUD DUMP/ GEIGER COUNTER/ THE 8200) 12.6km, 2 hours. A full ride - forest to desert to jungle. Ride Mud Dump CLOCKWISE and Geiger Counter SOUTH to NORTH. 

3. OUT AND BACK FLOWTRAIL: (TABULA RASA/SPOIL BANKS/SERENITY NOW/INSANITY LATER) 16km, 2 hours.  Discover Insanity Later, the hidden gem of the Minto trails!

4. NEW ENGLAND LOOP: ( TABULA RASA/CAVEATEMPTOR/SPOIL BANKS/SERENITY NOW/INSANITY LATER/SCOTIA BANKS/ HIGHWALL) 13km, 2.5 hours.  Another full ride! Enjoy the first 9 km of flow and then get ready for Scotia Banks to make you SUFFER.