The Whole Lobster Roll - Registration

The Whole Lobster Roll - Registration

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The 1st annual Lobster Roll fondo event is happening on Saturday, June 18th at Tiny Trails. Take the challenge and ride all of MTB Minto's trails that encompass "The Whole Lobster Roll" in one day! This event is for all skill levels and ages who want to get in on the fun.

If joining a group ride, leaders will depart every 10 minutes beginning at 10am. Or, you are welcome to go it on your own! Maps and lists of trails will be provided at the event.

Group 1 - The Whole Lobster Roll with butter - 44km
Group 2 - The Whole Lobster Roll - 35km 
Group 3 - The Claw - 20km 
Group 4 - The Tail - 15km 

Registration is easy.

  1. Pay now by adding to your cart.
  2. Fill out registration form here:
  3. Show up on the 18th at 9am and check-in.

*Note: If you are a Velo NB member, the cost is $15 and there is no insurance fee. If you are NOT a Velo NB member, the cost is $15 plus an additional $10 for insurance. Choose which applies to you from the drop down menu.